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Welcome to Rennchester kennel


RennChester Kennel is situated at Rennesøy, an island just outside Stavanger - on the West coast of Norway. It takes about 20 minutes by car from Stavanger to us, who are Grete, Ole Jan,  and our Manchester terriers.  We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren who our dogs love to play with.  We are living in rural surroundings with excursion terrain just around the corner, and the dogs got a large garden to play in.


Dogs are our hobby. It activates us, creates cosiness and comfort, and gives us great excursions into woodland and uncharted territory - as well as dog shows in our home country and abroad.


As a matter of fact starting up with Manchesters was a coincidence. We have always had dogs, but after a bad experience with a Schaefer and sheep we decided to find a more manageable breed - and ended up with the Manchester. In a old book about dogs we saw a picture of the Manchester terrier. Is it a terrier??? We had never heard of this breed, but it got all the positive behaviours we were looking for. Short fur/hide which did not have to be taken care of, the right size, an intelligent and sporty dog, and a good companionship. A dog that seldom gets sick and fits right into the living room as well as on excursions.

We contacted the very few people in Norway and Sweden that actually did own a Manchester terrier at that time, and their stories made us even more interested. It took approximately 1,5 years before we got our first puppy. It was a bitch named Jasmin, and she came to us from Sweden in 1993. Many Manchesters have come after her. And after all these years living with our Manchesters we like to think that we know the breed very well. 


In 1997 Eaglespur King Cobra was born at Eaglespur House in England.  Breeder:  Enid  Teague Knight.  We brought him home to Norway after a wonderful lunch in their house with Enid and her husband :-)  Cobby, as we called him, is not living any more.  He became 14 years old.   He is ancestor to a lot of good dogs.  He was  lovely and very godlooking  !!

Our dogs are kept as pet dogs and show dogs.  

We're not "mass-breeders"  Instead we're concentrating on making each litter perfect and doing a good preparatory work for the people taking over these beautiful puppies! 



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